Best BBQ side dishes for your summer cookout

So it's Saturday.  And summer.  That means its time to BBQ!!! I love a good BBq, with delicious food, good weather and great friends!  I've decided to share a few recipes for some amazing BBQ side dishes.

My newest obsession is  this Corn on the Cob with Cilantro Lime Butter.  I couldn't wait for the weekend to BBQ so I just boiled up some corn and made it for dinner the other night!  My mother was a little aprehensive at first, but once she tried it- she LOVED IT!!!  The recipe is super simple and you can make the butter the day before your cookout to save some time!!


Here are some other great side dishes to try at your next cookout...

Fresh Corn Casserole with red peppers and jalapenos from The Pioneer Woman's Food Network show.  I have followed her and used her recipes for years, when she was just starting her blog.  Now she's got her own show!!  Seriously though, her recipes are easy to follow, use simple, fresh ingredients and always come out delicious!!!

Baked Beans with Bacon from Food Network because lets face it, everything's better with bacon, right?  And what's a BBQ without baked beans??

Also from Food Network, Corn Mashed Potatoes which sound ah-mazing!!  I cant wait to give this recipe a try.

Of course, you need a cole slaw, right?  Why not try this delicious Carrot and Apple Slaw with raisins from Real Simple.  Its so good I cant even explain!! Its also lighter than a traditional slaw because it uses Greek yogurt instead of mayo.

And no BBQ is complete without a macaroni salad.  Try this one from Real Simple and you will not be disappointed!!

I hope these recipes find their way to your next cookout and watch your guests be wow'd!!  What are your favorite sides for a BBQ?  Share a link to your favorite BBQ side dish and it could be featured here on Life, as it is...

Family Friday topic: Picky Eaters

I've gotta say, when it comes to my kid and food- I lucked out!  She doesn't have any allergies, doesn't really drink soda and LOVES fruits and veggies.  My daughter will pick strawberries and watermelon over anything!  We always told her, "Try it.  Your tongue might like it!" and she'll usually give something new at least a try.  Now my niece is another story.  She's a very picky eater.  I do have a few recipes on standby that she likes for when she sleeps over.  And of course, there's our go-to peanut butter and Nutella sandwiches which we ate the other night when we had our pajama jammy jam!

I've found a few recipes that are geared toward picky eaters that I will be adding to my recipe box.  Next time we have a sleep over, I'm definitely trying these Macaroni & Cheese Muffins from Parenting Magazine.  They look delish and what kid doesn't like Mac & Cheese?! There's also a sweet potato and bacon tater tot  recipe from Food Network that I have been drooling over for days!!!  I can't see these things not being a hit at dinner or lunchtime! Also from Food Network are these yummy applesauce empanadas which are super duper easy using store bought applesauce.  These BBQ beef filled biscuits from Kraft Food are another simple, quick solution.  And on those hot summer days, instead of a regular Popsicle, why not try these quick and healthy frozen fruit pops ? You can pretty much substitute any fruit that you know your picky eater will enjoy.

I hope some of these make it to your recipe box, for both picky and non picky eaters.  I also found a helpful article, Overcoming Picky Eating from a great website, Your Kids Table, with plenty of tips & strategies to help your picky eater.  If picky eating is something your dealing with in your house, its worth a look.

What are some of your go-to recipes for your picky eater?  Share a link or recipe in the comments and it may be featured here on Life, as it is...

#tbt post

I love me  a good #tbt , be it a recipe post or meme or pic! Well today, I've decided on a post.  That's of a recipe.  That's part of a weekly meme.  Hahaha, see what I did there?  

Tempt My Tummy Tuesday post from April 2009

And here's a pic for #tbt just because...


Well, hello there!!

It sure has been a while since I've sat down to write a blog post!  Actually, its been a year.  Imagine that?  I have a draft titled, "Where have I been?" dated July 7, 2014.  A year, just about to the day, since the last time I blogged.  Well, I never actually finished the post and published it, so I guess it doesn't really count.  But still, a year.  I wonder if July is some kind of creativity annd boredom perfect storm where I've just gotta get it all out?  Who knows, but here I am again.

It's unbelievable how different things are from a year or two ago, yet how so much remains the same.

I've decided to recommit myself to blogging here at Life, as it is...
cuz I've got stuff to say, damn it! I think it may be more to keep myself from going crazy, but hey-six in one, half a dozen in the other.

Life, as it is...will still be funny stories, recipes, crafting and DIY & mommy stuff because THAT is my life, as it is.  It is my intention though, to do it bigger and better than before!  I've learned a lot about blogging (and writing in general) and what separates good blogs from great ones.  That knowledge will not go to waste and you, my dear friend, shall benefit from it greatly.  I hope.  I mean, as long as you like it- but why wouldn't you, right? Right??  Sorry, I'm just really excited about blogging again and I hope that you'll like it too!

I'm looking forward to reconnecting with fellow bloggers that I've dearly missed and to make a ton of new connections!  I'm always on the lookout for a great blog to follow so feel free to comment below on some of your faves!  And check out tomorrow's #tbt post, it's one of my favorites!

*Also, please forgive me while I tweak the look around here.  I'll be changing the appearance and layout, organizing posts and making it easier to navigate.  There may be times I mess that up and something isn't quit right.  I assure you, it'll be fixed.  Just bear with me...xo

So aptly named...

It has been FOREVER since I've blogged on here and anyone who may still read this blog knows that this happens once in a while. And when it does, that means shit's been NUTSO in my life!! Makes for some very good blogging though.

I don't even know where to begin so let me start with now.

Me and my 5 year old daughter have recently moved back into my mothers house. Which is awesome, lemme tell ya! (Insert a GINORMOUS amount of sarcasm there!) My daughter is no longer able to attend her school because she's no longer a resident of that city and our new city has a wait list that's obscene. To make things a little trickier, I decided to finally get back to school and work towards my nursing degree.

I'm already having a pretty big scheduling issue with 2013.

As crazy as my life is and is about to become, my therapy has always been writing, ehhh, well typing get it. So I am recommitting to my blog for 2013.

I plan to share all the crazy, fun, exciting and sad things that happen. It's Life, as it is...

Holiday Cookie Swap!!

I'm joining in for the blogger holiday cookie swap hosted by Katie over at Practical Parenting...check out how you can join in the fun here
Can't wait to dig up a delish recipe to swap!


The Christmas Debate: Does Santa Wrap His Gifts?

Tensions will typically run high when your doing your Christmas shopping on December 22 @ Target with an hour and a half time limit but that, my friends, is a post for another time. Though it was the reason for such a heated debate between me and Hubs today!

We were heading to the checkout lines when we realized that we forgot to grab more wrapping paper. We already had a few of those half height sized rolls but we had a cart full of gifts and would definitely need some taller paper. There were 2 options that didn't require us to fight the insane crowd and get lost in the middle of the store- single, tall rolls and a 3 pack of tall rolls. Based on what I though would need to be wrapped I figured a single, tall roll with what we already had would do us plenty.

Hubby disagreed. We needed the 3 pack.

WTF do we need all that paper for?!?

According to my dear, sweet Hubby ALL of the Christmas gifts would require wrapping. Even the ones from dear old Saint Nick. Huh?

My Santa doesn't wrap gifts! He busts his hump for weeks making the same exact gifts you can buy at Target for all the good little boys and girls across the world-why in the name of Kris Kringle would he cover up all his hard work with wrapping paper? And find the time to do it? Besides, how are you supposed to know what gifts are from Santa and what gifts are from Mommy and Daddy?
ALL the gifts are from Santa and ALL the gifts get wrapped. According to DH anyway! That's how his family always did Christmas, not surprisingly, but totally different from mine! This sparked a huge debate in my house!

One that continues now as we sit on the couch because we just realized now that we forgot to buy tape!

Another downfall to the shopping strategy I guess.

What about you and your family? What's the deal when it comes to Santa's gifts? Wrapped or unwrapped?