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It has been FOREVER since I've blogged on here and anyone who may still read this blog knows that this happens once in a while. And when it does, that means shit's been NUTSO in my life!! Makes for some very good blogging though.

I don't even know where to begin so let me start with now.

Me and my 5 year old daughter have recently moved back into my mothers house. Which is awesome, lemme tell ya! (Insert a GINORMOUS amount of sarcasm there!) My daughter is no longer able to attend her school because she's no longer a resident of that city and our new city has a wait list that's obscene. To make things a little trickier, I decided to finally get back to school and work towards my nursing degree.

I'm already having a pretty big scheduling issue with 2013.

As crazy as my life is and is about to become, my therapy has always been writing, ehhh, well typing get it. So I am recommitting to my blog for 2013.

I plan to share all the crazy, fun, exciting and sad things that happen. It's Life, as it is...

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Holiday Cookie Swap!!

I'm joining in for the blogger holiday cookie swap hosted by Katie over at Practical Parenting...check out how you can join in the fun here
Can't wait to dig up a delish recipe to swap!

The Christmas Debate: Does Santa Wrap His Gifts?

Tensions will typically run high when your doing your Christmas shopping on December 22 @ Target with an hour and a half time limit but that, my friends, is a post for another time. Though it was the reason for such a heated debate between me and Hubs today!

We were heading to the checkout lines when we realized that we forgot to grab more wrapping paper. We already had a few of those half height sized rolls but we had a cart full of gifts and would definitely need some taller paper. There were 2 options that didn't require us to fight the insane crowd and get lost in the middle of the store- single, tall rolls and a 3 pack of tall rolls. Based on what I though would need to be wrapped I figured a single, tall roll with what we already had would do us plenty.

Hubby disagreed. We needed the 3 pack.

WTF do we need all that paper for?!?

According to my dear, sweet Hubby ALL of the Christmas gifts would require wrapping. Even the ones from dear old Saint Nick. Huh?

My Santa doesn't wrap gifts! He busts his hump for weeks making the same exact gifts you can buy at Target for all the good little boys and girls across the world-why in the name of Kris Kringle would he cover up all his hard work with wrapping paper? And find the time to do it? Besides, how are you supposed to know what gifts are from Santa and what gifts are from Mommy and Daddy?
ALL the gifts are from Santa and ALL the gifts get wrapped. According to DH anyway! That's how his family always did Christmas, not surprisingly, but totally different from mine! This sparked a huge debate in my house!

One that continues now as we sit on the couch because we just realized now that we forgot to buy tape!

Another downfall to the shopping strategy I guess.

What about you and your family? What's the deal when it comes to Santa's gifts? Wrapped or unwrapped?

Is anybody out there??

Hi there! Not really sure who I’m greeting considering I’d be willing to bet that my list of followers is practically nonexistent!! If you are still following me, THANK YOU…and if you’re not, well then I guess you’re not reading this, but I understand why...

I’ve been so inconsistent with the blog that I really can’t blame anyone for losing interest. I don’t not blog by choice, trust me! I’ve gone on some real great blogging streaks… accomplished a lot, shared a lot, met a ton of new people, joined in on some weekly memes and even tried to post a few of my own, but nonetheless, I just haven’t been able to stick to it! Believe me when I tell you that there’s no one reason for my lack of blogging and that’s why I’m changing things up here a little.

My life has been complete and utter chaos for the past 2 years and I just can’t take it anymore!! I need to vent a little every now and then! I thought about starting like a “Secret Blog” where all names have been changed to protect the guilty innocent, but I said “screw that!” I mean really, can I neglect another blog? So I just decided that I’m going to make things a little more personal here at Life, as it is…

Don’t go worrying yourself that I’ll be using it as my virtual therapist and it’s gonna be one long sob story, "boo hoo me" post after post- nope, that’s not me so don’t worry! What I am going to do is tell you about the moron working the checkout at the grocery store that annoyed the piss outta me or the video of my daughter doing something ridiculous or whatever the hell else strikes my fancy and/or I need to get off my chest.

Hey listen, deal with it…it is my blog after all! Seriously, does it even matter if I was to lose some all another reader? Bless your heart if you’re actually reading this!! Yeah, don’t worry, I’m still gonna post amazing recipes and adorable crafts and all that other good stuff…there's just gonna be a little more "life" around here.

After all, this is Life, as it is…

Our trip to New Hampshire

Last weekend the whole family packed up and headed to our cottage in Alton Bay, New Hampshire for a few days.  We totally needed it!  We had a great time!  It was a packed house though, let me tell ya!  There was me, my husband, our daughter, Papa Neno (hubby's grandfather), cousin John, John's wife Sabrina, their daughter (my goddaughter) Jordin, cousin Justin and his girlfriend Anaiese.  Thank goodness the cottage can sleep about 15 people!

We spent one day at Weirs Beach going up and down the "boardwalk" and playing in all the arcades.  We spent an afternoon at the lake and just hung around the cottage the rest of the time.  We have a big inflatable pool in the front yard so the kids were pumped!  We bbq'd and played darts and just unwinded from city life!  We're very fortunate to have the cottage to escape to and our mini vacation was well worth it!

Before I get to some pics, I have a video of my 1 year old goddaughter Jordin copying my 3 year old daughter Kassie, who's off camera, screaming her head off!  It's hilarious!

Now some pics...

Justin on the scooter

Jordin doesn't understand that it's a pool toy!
Just try gettin Kass off a trampoline!!

That's it for now, have to upload the rest!  Will post when I do!

Prayers and Positive Vibes needed

The 31dbbb challenge has allowed me to find some really cool blogs and meet some really amazing people with incredible stories.  I want to share one of those people with you.

Meet Erin of Amundsen House of Chaos.  She's a wife to an Army recruiter and mother to 3 of the cutest kids you've ever seen!!  Her oldest daughter Jahnna has been diagnosed with ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Bi-Polar- yet she's a spitfire and a great big sister!  Her youngest daughter Riley is a self proclaimed angel who loves monkeys and dancing. Her middle child (as if that ain't hard enough) Colby, has survived and overcome some incredible hurdles in his life.  I'll give you the short version, but you can read Erin's account here.  Colby came down with e.Coli poisoning and was misdiagnosed, which resulted in his treatment causing more problems.  He was eventually (correctly) diagnosed with Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome and placed on dialysis because his kidneys had failed.  While being moved to another unit, he suffered a stroke that went unnoticed until Erin realized the next day that he was having a seizure.  During an MRI he coded and the doctors brought him back only to be put on a ventilator.  He was essentially in a coma for 3 weeks.  He contacted spinal meningitis during all this as well.  His disabilities are all physical so he's very aware of what's going on and that his body doesn't do what he wants it to.  And ya know what?  The kid's still happy!!  Erin describes him as a flirt...and an inspiration. 

On the 25th of this month Colby's going in for surgery and could really use all the positive thoughts and prayers possible.  So could Erin.  Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.  You can add Colby's button to your blog and let Erin know so she knows how many of us are out here, supprting her and her family and hoping for the best!!  Click on the button below which links to Colby's story where you can get the code to add it to your own blog!

When you add the button, hop on over and let Erin know- I just know she'll appreciate it!

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SOS, please someone help me....(giveaway! and sliding in a 31dbbb assignment)

Sorry, that songs been stuck in my head all day!  But, I DO need help...

If you've been following my blog, you know that I just started a weekly post called Entertaining Tuesdays (this week's post was summer party themes)...well, I want to start weekly posts about crafts, recipes and an archive highlight day...only I don't know what to call them!?!?

I'm asking my readers to help me come up with names for my weekly theme posts!  Eventually, I'm hoping to turn them into weekly memes but that's a ways away...for now I just need some catchy name ideas!  That's where you come in!

So here's the deal...since Tuesdays are already taken any other day of the week for these themed posts will work- if you want to incorporate the day of the week with the post topic...I'm looking for a catchy title for:

  • A recipe day...I'll be posting some of my fave recipes and recipes I've recently tried.  Eventually I'd like my readers to submit theirs as well but that's once I get it off the ground and can actually have it as a weekly meme!
  • A craft day...all things crafty, sewing, crochet, paper crafts, kids crafts-anything goes!  Again, I'd like this to take off eventually and have readers share their creations as well.
  • An archive day...I'd like to feature a post I've previously published.  I haven't decided yet, but I may edit the post in some way to kinda freshen it up-maybe add a poll or a linky, something!  I just basically want my readers to have the chance to read a post buried in  my blog that they may not have otherwise read.
If you have ideas for all or any of these post topics, I'm asking you to post your suggestion here.  To make it fun, I'm including a giveaway!!  Each reader that suggests a name for each topic will be entered into a giveaway to win a prize that coincides with the post theme!  So get your thinking caps on and help a sista out, would ya??  Be sure you leave your email address in your comment if it's not linked to your blog profile or you can tweet me your suggestions @ta2255

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Entertaining Tuesdays: Summer Party Themes Wednesday Edition

Hey all!  Welcome back to Entertaining Tuesdays...the Wednesday Edition since I was too stupid to schedule my post before I left for our New Hampshire vacation!!  Incase you missed the previous Entertaining Tuesdays, you can find my Summer Party Recipes here and Summer Party Basics here.  Today, Im going to talk about some cool summer party themes you can use for your next summer bash!

Nothing screams "summer" like a luau!! has some really cool personalized luau invitations!  Tell your guests they've got to dress the part and help them out with these adorable Silk Flower Combs for the ladies and  the guys can wear these Two Toned Lei bracelets

 A few Inflatable Palm Trees will definitely gets guests in the Luau mood!!  If your party's going into nighttime, these Tiki Lights will add a festive touch too!  Get the party started with an Aloha Party CD and get your guests moving with a Flowered Limbo Kit or a Tiki Pinata!  You can use some of these ideas or get creative, either way you'll be hosting a luau to remember!!

Another theme idea is a Mardi Gras Party!!  Welcome your guests with a Mardi Gras banner, like this one from Party
Get guests in the Mardi gras mood with these adorable Mardi Gras Masks!  No Mardi Gras party will be complete without party beads!! If kids are attending, you'll have to come up with a different reason to collect them though!  Grab some Mardi Gras Light Up Buttons, Noisemakers and Glitter Body Stickers and you've got yourself a par-tay!!  You can also use Mardi Gras Jester Hats and Party Wands to make your guests feel like they're on Bourbon Street!

Head south of the border and throw a Fiesta!!  Decorate your tables with these cute Fiesta Honeycomb Centerpieces and some Fiesta Table Sprinkles from  Some Chili Pepper Paper Lanterns will spice things up too!  Some inflatable Chili Peppers and Cactus's (or is it Cactai?!) will really give that south of the border feeling!!  Have your guests wear sombrero's and pass out some light up chili pepper necklaces.  And dont forget to give everyone some maracas to shake while you play your Fiesta Party CD!!  And of course, no fiesta is complete without a pinata!!

These are just a few theme ideas, but the possibilities are endless!!  Check out your local party store and online stores too for more theme ideas!  Just remember, theme or not, the idea is to have fun and surround yourself with delicious food and great friends...the rest will fall into place!

Reward If Found: Lost Blogging Mojo

I have lost my mojo.  I havent blogged in days, updated my Facebook or sent a single tweet!  I have officially lost my mojo.  Things have been crazy here and I have been totally stressed out!!  I'm super  behind in my 31 DBBB challenges-which I updated this morning from Day 8 to Day 19- and there was a Blogger error!  The page didn't save and it's still on Day 8!! WTF?!?!?!

This has been my luck and life lately!  I just changed phone numbers and trying to update all my social networking info so I can post from my phone and that's  an issue!!  My phone carrier, who will remain nameless (MetroPCS), is insisting that the 8 number code my hubbs brought back from the phone store on their damn business card  isn't right!  I can't access my account!  I'm not kidding.  This is my life! 

I'm trying to remedy the situation and will hopefully be able to post our trip to our family cottage in New Hampshire (which we're late leaving for because I've been fighting with my phone carrier!!).  Hopefully this trip will help me find my lost mojo! 

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