Prayers and Positive Vibes needed

The 31dbbb challenge has allowed me to find some really cool blogs and meet some really amazing people with incredible stories.  I want to share one of those people with you.

Meet Erin of Amundsen House of Chaos.  She's a wife to an Army recruiter and mother to 3 of the cutest kids you've ever seen!!  Her oldest daughter Jahnna has been diagnosed with ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Bi-Polar- yet she's a spitfire and a great big sister!  Her youngest daughter Riley is a self proclaimed angel who loves monkeys and dancing. Her middle child (as if that ain't hard enough) Colby, has survived and overcome some incredible hurdles in his life.  I'll give you the short version, but you can read Erin's account here.  Colby came down with e.Coli poisoning and was misdiagnosed, which resulted in his treatment causing more problems.  He was eventually (correctly) diagnosed with Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome and placed on dialysis because his kidneys had failed.  While being moved to another unit, he suffered a stroke that went unnoticed until Erin realized the next day that he was having a seizure.  During an MRI he coded and the doctors brought him back only to be put on a ventilator.  He was essentially in a coma for 3 weeks.  He contacted spinal meningitis during all this as well.  His disabilities are all physical so he's very aware of what's going on and that his body doesn't do what he wants it to.  And ya know what?  The kid's still happy!!  Erin describes him as a flirt...and an inspiration. 

On the 25th of this month Colby's going in for surgery and could really use all the positive thoughts and prayers possible.  So could Erin.  Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.  You can add Colby's button to your blog and let Erin know so she knows how many of us are out here, supprting her and her family and hoping for the best!!  Click on the button below which links to Colby's story where you can get the code to add it to your own blog!

When you add the button, hop on over and let Erin know- I just know she'll appreciate it!


  1. Thank you so much! I can't even begin to tell you how much I appreciate this!

  2. @Erin

    No problem at took me all of 15 mins to write the post and I'm going to be spreading it around!!! I think Colby is an amazing little guy and your family is one to admire! I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers!
    My 3yo daughter wants to send Colby a video msg to say hi so we
    ll be working on that and sending it over!

  3. I'll definitely keep this little guy and his family in my prayers! As a parent, I couldn't imagine how this would affect me. It's great that he's staying strong and happy throughout this ordeal.


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