Reward If Found: Lost Blogging Mojo

I have lost my mojo.  I havent blogged in days, updated my Facebook or sent a single tweet!  I have officially lost my mojo.  Things have been crazy here and I have been totally stressed out!!  I'm super  behind in my 31 DBBB challenges-which I updated this morning from Day 8 to Day 19- and there was a Blogger error!  The page didn't save and it's still on Day 8!! WTF?!?!?!

This has been my luck and life lately!  I just changed phone numbers and trying to update all my social networking info so I can post from my phone and that's  an issue!!  My phone carrier, who will remain nameless (MetroPCS), is insisting that the 8 number code my hubbs brought back from the phone store on their damn business card  isn't right!  I can't access my account!  I'm not kidding.  This is my life! 

I'm trying to remedy the situation and will hopefully be able to post our trip to our family cottage in New Hampshire (which we're late leaving for because I've been fighting with my phone carrier!!).  Hopefully this trip will help me find my lost mojo! 

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  1. i also get into those moods where i have nothing to write about. it's like forcing my brain to work, but it's somewhere in la-la land.

    i hope you'll have a restful vacation, and darn that phone company, i hope the issue gets straightened out.

    happy weekend.


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